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SOFTWARE PACKAGES for use with Sekonic Scanners
MarkView OMR is the software program which is supplied FREE of charge with every Sekonic scanner. It
provides full control of the scanning function and creation of a data file. A complete program allowing you to
create templates (scanning applications) for OMR forms, set rules around the scanning process and dictate
how the data is presented. MarkView creates a simple .csv file and with the unique Excel Add-Inn feature
you can start to scanning process from within Microsoft Excel. Is not fancy but it is simple.
Remark Classic OMR software works seamlessly with the Sekonic OMR scanner to read and process your forms. Remark Classic OMR recognizes data from OMR fields (bubble fields) as well as open ended responses when connected to our Hybrid IMAGE capable scanners. The software also supports the optional barcode reader, transport printer, and also the reject stacker. Built-in exception handling easily locates and allows you to correct or verify any erroneously marked forms (e.g. a person fills in two marks for a question, or fails to answer a question). Remark Classic OMR includes Remark Quick Stats, which provides powerful test grading and survey analysis functions with the click of a button. If you administer tests, the software can automatically grade them. You can specify an answer key, grade scale, extra credit questions, map questions to learning objectives, scaled scores, set benchmark values and more using Advanced Grade. Then the software can grade the test and produce reports representing the students’ performance, item analysis, frequency distribution, student scores and other data. Remark Quick Stats also produces a grade report for each student which can be printed and handed back.
Download a PDF file showing all the sample reports available in Remark Classic version 5.
Choosing the right software to go with your Sekonic scanner is a critical decision. At OMR Solutions we have partnered with the "best of breed" software suppliers, all leaders in their field with proven software solutions each suited to provide the right data in the right format. From a simple .csv file right up to detailed analysis reports, we have a program for your application. Most packages give the user full control over creating or modifying the scanning application meaning you are not paying for someone else to do it. We can, of course do all the hard work for you, the choice is yours.

DataLink Connect Test Scoring & Reporting Software. Just For Your Sekonic OMR Scanner

Unites data with your Windows or Mac-based computer, enhance data scoring, analysis and reporting.  DataLink Connect is available for every Sekonic OMR scanner. DataLink is perfect for users with only one form type. Its simple user interface makes it one of the easiest programs to use. Teachers from all levels will love it. Simply open the program and start scanning. Connect DataLink to your student database, set custom standards and learning outcomes and instantly view appropriate reports such as Item Analysis, Class Roster, Student Proficiency, Class Proficiency, Non-Proficient Students by Group or Standard, and several more.
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