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Sekonic Scanner Technology
Sekonic scanners use proven technology recognised around the world as the best way to read OMR forms. By using superior design and engineering Sekonic produces a range of scanners with an enviable record for reliability and accuracy.
Read heads have LED sensors which line up with the pitch of the bubbles printed on formss. Typically read heads in Australia have 48 channels or lines. These LED sensors use reflective light to "read the existance of a mark.
The sensors or LED's used for reading both Pen and Pencil marks are VR (visible red) to the human eye and operate in the 660 nm wave length. VR read heads typically use forms printed in red, orange and pink colours. Reading blue and black ink and black pencil marks.
Sensors used to read ONLY pencil marks are Infrared (IR) and are invisible to the human eye. These operate in the 940 nm wave length and scan blue, green and purple colours. IR heads are not commonly used.
What the human eys see's when looking at a form filled in with pencil marks
What the scanner see’s when VR read heads are used. The pink background ink drops out and the scanner only see’s the timing marks and pencil marks.
Image data can be captured by an Image Sensor, and saved to appropriated folder in the computer as images in a variety of file formats. Bubble responses are recorded on a separate traditional LED read head and processed at high speed.
For example, the image function can be used to archive the entire OMR form, or to see a handwritten comment on an OMR form.
Mark data can be captured by photo reflect sensor. The method has been used by scanner manufacturers all over the world for many years and is the most reliable way of reading bubble forms with hand written information.
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