Sekonic SR-6500 Hybrid Scanner
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SR-6500HYBRID can capture image that resolution is 100dpi to 300dpi, and colour is black & white, grey, or full
colour. The OMR is captured by a separate Contact Image Sensor while the Image section of the form is handled by
a Photo Reflective Sensor in a single pass with no slowing down of the actual data processing speeds.
The Select Stacker fitted as standard on the SR-6500
and SR-6500 Hybrid is a high quality, precision system
for separating forms which cannot be read or have
failed in editing. All forms are returned into the order
in which they were scanned.
All Sekonic scanners are designed with service in
mind. Open paper paths, easy cleaning and full
software diagnostics make Sekonic OMR Scanners
simple, reliable and accurate to 99.99%.
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