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High quality OMR forms printed on time and at an affordable price.
Dont beleive the myth, you are not locked into your current supplier.
Designing and printing quality OMR forms is not easy unless you are an industry expert. After years of experience we know what it takes to design a form and more importantly, how to print it. We follow the process through every stage to ensure that your forms are printed to the highest standards and can be scanned without any question or data integrity. Regardless of your scanner make or model we can design and print scan-able forms to capture all your data.
We carry stock of common MCQ or GPAS forms and can usually ship within 2-3 days of receiving your order.
If you currently use Scantron® forms we can print most layouts for less than you're paying now.
We know our prices are better !

Q. “Can you reprint my forms for my Scantron scanner?”
Answer. Yes. We reprint ALL forms used in NCS and Scantron scanners in Australia. Simply tell us the form ID number.
Q. “Will buying forms from you affect my TSA?”
Answer. NO, definitely not. Your service agreement does not force you to use forms from a specified supplier.
Q. “How can I be sure your forms will work?”
Answer. We have over 12 years’ experience in the forms business and know exactly how to print forms. We have printed over 230,000 forms already and all forms come with a 100% GAURANTEE!
PLUS we test scan a sample run before we ship every order.
Q. “Do your forms work with Scantools and my old OpScan 8?”
Answer. YES. Our forms work with both Scantools & Remark and all OpScan or InSight model scanners.
Q. “Why are your forms cheaper than my current supplier?”
Answer. Many users complained for years that their forms cost too much. We listened to those complaints and are committed to lowering costs through lower overheads, smarter systems and superior technology
Q. “Can you modify my current form or design a new form for me?”
Answer. YES. We have complete design services with experience in designing all types of forms including multi-page booklets.
Q. “Why should I get my forms from you?”
OMR Solutions might be a new company but we have over 12 years of OMR scanner industry knowledge in sales, service and printing. Our MD, Tony Kitching has worked with and supported hundreds of clients and has spent over a decade in the industry. He is committed to providing world class products at affordable prices.
You do not need to pay high prices anymore. There is an alternative!
OMR Solutions Australia uses only high quality 90gsm paper plus the best offset inks to maintain colour quality and consistency. All forms are printed using remastered PDF files. Our graphics department has over 10 years of OMR form design and graphic art experience. Random forms are removed from the print process and checked for quality prior to shipping so you can be assured that 100% of your forms will scan. We do not reuse printing plates instead a new set of plates is made for EVERY print run therefore ensuring the best quality every time we print. This doesn’t add to the cost, it actually works out cheaper in the long run. It’s just one reason we can supply forms at a great price without risking quality.

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